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HTML5 Gaming: the sound of Inevitability

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by Pascal Rettig on Jan 27, 2012
Hey! Who Should I Vote For?
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Discover your non-testing Goat w/ Git blame and RCov

I wrote a quick n' dirty script for fun last night to see how we were doing on test coverage and who was responsible for the most untested code in the git...

by Pascal Rettig on Nov 29, 2011
Finger Forest
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How To: Social Plugins

  [ This is a Guest Post from Cykod Intern James Burke ] This is ...

by Pascal Rettig on Jul 29, 2011
Game Presentation Platform
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Programmer Short Stories

While reading heavyweight developer tomes is a good way to get in-depth details about a specific topic, sometimes it's nice to snack on some lighter fare ...

by Pascal Rettig on Apr 25, 2011
Custom Icon Web Font
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3D in the Browser: WebGL Presentation

With all the new releasing coming out - I thought it was a good time for a presentation on WebGL - below are the slides I presented to the

by Pascal Rettig on Mar 17, 2011

Innovating on your strength

One of the great things about the Web is that the barrier to entry for a new enterprise is incredibly small - all the infrastructure you need to get start...

by Pascal Rettig on Jan 31, 2011

Getting my Hack Back

  Stagnant.   There's nothing quite as scary as feeling...

by Pascal Rettig on Nov 03, 2010

Recovering a Website from Thin Air

Or, Undeleting Mysql MyISAM Note: this post is from 2012 but I never got aro...

by Pascal Rettig on Nov 13, 2013
The Elements of Engaging Experiences
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Class Slides from Web Design 1 - Fall 2011

Martha and I taught Web Design 1 this past fall semester at MassArt and used CoderDeck for creating ...

by Pascal Rettig on Jan 02, 2012
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Using Node.js and your phone to control a Browser game

This past week I undertook a pretty cool project as the Intern here at Cykod. We were wondering how easily a smart phone –specifically using its gyr...

by Pascal Rettig on Aug 24, 2011
Found a Typo
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Boston Front End Web Developers Meetup, Round #1

  The first Boston Front End Web Developers Meetup went off this past Wednesday (May 25th) according to plan with around 30 people showing up ...

by Pascal Rettig on May 01, 2011
Games For Language
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PCI Compliance on Amazon's AWS

UPDATE: As  Spencer noted in the comment below, you can now configure ELB to generate PCI-compliant SSL proxying. &nbsp...

by Pascal Rettig on Mar 12, 2011

Vector Graphics on the Web Presentation

Presentation on the current state of Vector graphics on the Web to the January Boston ruby group. 

by Pascal Rettig on Jan 13, 2011

Cracking the Customer Acquisition Nut

Presentation I gave to the Boston Enet on the seventh of December

by Pascal Rettig on Dec 13, 2010

Boston HTML5 Game Development Recap

The first ever Boston HTML5 Game Development Meetup went off yesterday without a hitch at the MocoSpace offices in South Boston (special thanks to Sponsor...

by Pascal Rettig on Nov 18, 2010
Political Screaming Match
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How to speak Internet.

Alternative title: Internet speak for the over 50. TL;DR - drop the The when talking about Internet sites, know what Memes are.

by Pascal Rettig on Jan 25, 2012
Block Rockets
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Gumptionology for developers

Having just finished "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" I find that the word "Gumption" has been rattling around my bra...

by Pascal Rettig on Oct 15, 2011
HTML5 Game Engine

When's the best time to email a busy person?

    Mid-morning.   Here's why: many people (myself included) don't ge...

by Pascal Rettig on May 24, 2011
responsive design and development

Javascript FTW

Here's the slides from my presentation on the many uses of Javascript + HTML5 from BarCampBoston 6

by Pascal Rettig on Apr 11, 2011

Keeping it Lean at

The word "Lean" has come a long way from being primarily associated with ground beef and toned abs. For people in the startup community, lean has become s...

by Pascal Rettig on Mar 18, 2011

Javascript Everyone: Online, Offline and on the Server

Presentation I gave to the MIT IAP HTML5 Game Development class on Debugging and Optimizing Javascript, Local Storage, Offline Storage and a little bit of...

by Pascal Rettig on Jan 27, 2011

Building a simple online Karaoke site

TL;DR - We built a online holiday themed sing-a-long site called to play around with recording web audio wi...

by Pascal Rettig on Dec 30, 2010