Boston HTML5 Game Development Recap

by Pascal Rettig posted Nov 18, 2010

The first ever Boston HTML5 Game Development Meetup went off yesterday without a hitch at the MocoSpace offices in South Boston (special thanks to Sponsors MocoSpace for the space, food and drinks) I gave two presentations - the first was sort of a "we are here" presentation talking about the current state of game development with HTML5 while the second showed how to build a simple canvas game from scratch. Darren Torpey from BostonGameJams and Darius Kazemi from BostonPostMortem gave a great talk on the Akihabara game engine and showed a bunch of nice demos.

The goal of my Canvas demo game was not to show you the best way to build a HTML5 Game Engine, the goal was more just to build a game from scratch using no external HTML5 libraries, and keep the code small.

There are a some issues with the game - if you were building a real game you'd want to support different audio file types (right now IE and Safari aren't supported because they don't work with OGG) as well as put in some controls to make the game run on mobile platforms. Likewise the game engine itself is pretty naive, it doesn't do smart or pixel-perfect collision detection (the detection algorithm is O(n^2) ) so there are lots of places for improvement. The code for the demo is up on github. I'm putting together a longer written tutorial for the demo and will be commenting the heck out of the code in the next couple of days.

The presentations I did and the game itself are embedded below:

The Demo Game