Interactive Gallery Installation

Firefly is an interactive installation where users play in a large projected field of grass. It was installed in the Dynamic Media Institutes Fresh Media show in April 2012 and is built using openFrameworks.

In this interactive installation that explores elements that trigger an emotional experience. Light, movement, and sound are used to engage users. Memory, perspective, and play provide means to create a deeper connection. Using a Kinect to detect motion and depth, users chase and catch fireflies in a life-sized projected interface. Users enter a space filled with sounds of crickets and children laughing. One wall depicts tall blades of grass that sway and part as they move through space to indicate their position. Fireflies dance around the users, darting away if they get too close. Daylight slowly fades to complete darkness, hiding the grass and leaving the user without knowledge of their position. The user must catch fireflies in order to keep the daylight. The more fireflies the user catches the faster daylight will fade and more difficult the interface becomes. The difficulty level also increases with the number of users on the screen. Firefly attempts to engage users in an truly immersive experience.


Firefly Interactive Installation Firefly Interactive Installation Firefly Interactive Installation